2019 Miss Universal Pageant

November 16, 2019 | Seattle, Washington

The Miss Universal Pageant is a competition brought to you by Kiki Corona Enterprises. It serves as a platform to select ambassadors to represent the United States at various national and international competitions. Our mission is to inspire women to find their why; while pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals.

On the road between casting and finals, participants learn the ins and outs of pageantry, modeling and professionalism. Contestants are given the chance to develop their competencies and broaden their network through the Miss Universal Pageant connections. Workshops are given by professionals from different fields in order to provide participants with experiences that will last a lifetime.

Become a Contestant

Kiki Corona Enterprises is committed to collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals who strive to empower young women. Partnering with us brings incredible value to your brand. Our partners may request to have our titleholders represent them at community events and media appearances, and our prevalent social media presence brings international exposure to your brand or cause.

Through dedicated partnerships; we provide contestants and titleholders with visibility, growth opportunities and resources to make a difference in their communities.